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FleeceShield Surface Protection

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About Ockwells FleeceShield


FleeceShield is a range of temporary protection semi-adhesive non-woven fleeces which can be used to protect newly installed hard floors and horizontal surfaces from construction damage, dirt and spills.
  • The anti-slip coating on the FleeceShield range adheres to the substrate without the risk of adhesive residue or transfer
  • Available in Standard, Breathable and Flame Retardant versions
  • Additional fixings, such as adhesive tape, can be used but are not required
  • FleeceShield is lightweight and easy to install
  • All versions are impermeable to most liquids including water, paint and solvents
Covering Options
FleeceShield Standard
  • Provides ideal protection for hard floors, stairs and horizontal surfaces such as worktops
  • Can be reused
  • Impermeable to most liquids including water, paint and solvents
FleeceShield Breathable
  • Designed to cover and protect new floors and enables rising moisture and solvents to evaporate
  • Ideal for use on ceramic tiles, natural stone floors and parquet flooring
FleeceShield Flame Retardant
  • Certified flame retardant in accordance with IMO Wheelmark and DIN EN 13501-1 regulations
  • Can be used in both marine and construction refurbishment or new builds
  • Ideal for most floor types with the exception of freshly laid or porous surfaces


DNV GL 42 493 – 16  HH

Product Options
FleeceShield Standard1m x 50m9kg
FleeceShield Breathable1m x 50m8.5kg
FleeceShield Flame Retardant1m x 50m10.5kg